The Stupidest Topic in All of Sports

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Urban Meyer Isn’t Going Back To College

I can’t think of anything that NFL fans and media members get more hard over than speculating if Urban Meyer is going back to coaching college football. I mean seriously, Meyer hasn’t shown the slightest hint that he’s interested in returning to college ball yet every time a major school has a head-coaching vacancy Meyer’s name gets thrown in. Not only does his name get hypothetically thrown in the loop out of NOWHERE, the Jaguars media members constantly ask him directly about the speculations. Like what the hell man?? Can we let him focus on our team instead of repeatedly putting his thoughts elsewhere??

I get it, a lot of fans are fed up with Meyer in Jacksonville and already want to send him packing. Me? I’m more of a patient guy. I mean I’ve seen losing season after losing season. I’ve lived through the Gus Bradley era for crying out loud (my absolute least favorite). Yet, my fandom was indestructible. Finally we have a coach who publicly states that he’s committed to rebuilding this franchise and people want to throw him out because of one bad season! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BAD SEASONS WE’VE HAD?? Give the man a fighting chance.

Nobody expected the Jaguars to be Super Bowl contenders this year so why is everyone freaking out? Meyer may have had some issues off the field this season, but I won’t hold those against him. If a coach is CONSTANTLY saying he’s committed to rebuilding our franchise, why are we trying to turn him away? Give the man some damn time, please. Urban Meyer came out of retirement to coach the Jaguars for one reason: Trevor Lawrence. He didn’t come back to coach college football. If he’s not a Jaguar, chances are he’s not a coach! So media members (particularly Jaguars media members), give it a rest. I’m begging you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and this franchise won’t be either.


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