NBA Picks: December 1st

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Welcome to December. A time where the NBA starts to actually feel meaningful. Sure you could argue that it’s always meaningful because without the earlier games we wouldn’t be here, but let’s not do the devil’s advocate BS. Before the first 15-20 games, there are crazy takes everywhere. A certain (below star caliber) player will go off and have a great game and people will lose their minds thinking he’s taking a huge leap. Then he’ll follow that game up with multiple duds. After 15-20 games we can realistically start to see patterns in teams and players to base our opinions off of.

If you’ve been making money early in the season, I applaud you! We have been quietly doing the same. But making bets just isn’t nearly as fun when you don’t share them with the public. Both bad and good. So after our short hiatus from the internet, Boiling Takes is officially back and we’re sharing our picks. Be sure to stay tuned in daily so you don’t miss out on picks across all sports. Now without further ado, our NBA Picks for December 1st:

Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers- Hawks (-105)


Denver Nuggets vs Orlando Magic- Nuggets (-455) 


Minnesota Timberwolves vs Washington Wizards- Wizards (-165)


Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics- 76ers (+170)


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat- Heat (-320)


Charlotte Hornets be Milwaukee Bucks- Bucks (-380)


Dallas Mavericks vs New Orleans Pelicans- Mavericks (-160)


Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder- Thunder (-150)


Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Clippers- Clippers (-280)


As you can see we’re rolling with Vegas for a lot of these. Although the 76ers screw us over time and time again, I’m putting my clown suit on and giving them one last try. Here’s a little parlay for you as well if you’re like me:


Nuggets (-455)

Heat (-320)

Mavericks (-160)

Clippers (-280)


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