I Honestly Forgot About Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Heinicke Era

Last night, football fans were gifted a very fun game of football. An action-packed, divisional rivalry game between two 0-1 teams. Either side could’ve won and it quite literally went down to the last second. The WFT won 30-29 but if not for an idiotic offsides penalty by the Giants on the final field goal attempt from Washington that ended up missing, we’d be sitting here on Friday with a completely different narrative. Luckily for fans of the Washington Football Team, they got their second shot, 5 yards closer, and it’s all about them today. Most importantly, it’s about their current starting quarterback.

You see, Taylor Heinicke’s hype train has been at its’ peak ever since last season, more specifically since he gave his Football Team a fighting chance in the Playoffs against the would-be Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. It was that game that really put Heinicke’s name in just about every household. Most thought he HAD to be the starter for Washington this season following how he ended the last. Unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened at all.

In the offseason, Washington ended up signing arguably the most likeable guy in the league, Ryan Fitzpatrick. It was pretty clear to most of us that the veteran Fitzpatrick would end up getting the starting job to begin the season. After all, you don’t just sign a 38 year-old quarterback to a 1-year, $10 million deal for him to hold a clipboard. But nevertheless, Heinicke stans stood by their boy and really believed he would win the job. Idiots, right? Well I guess they got the last laugh….

Ryan Fitzpatrick would go down week one with a hip injury that they say will have him sidelined for 8 weeks. 8 freaking weeks of Heinicke football. That can honestly ruin Fitzpatrick’s chances of becoming the starter again especially if Heinicke can keep showing out like he did last night. Sure, he almost choked the game away by throwing that interception to Bradberry but the total body of work outshined that. Although, had he indeed choked it away, we’d be having a completely different discussion right now.

After one game, one single night of Heinicke football, I completely forgot Ryan Fitzpatrick was even signed to Washington. Like seriously, why did they even do that? He put up 336 yards, 2 touchdowns, and obviously had that one interception that we already eluded to, and pulled off the victory. Washington seriously almost missed out on this kind of player to sign a journeyman to a $10 million deal!

As much as I love Fitzpatrick and his never quit style of play, that was just never the right move. Heinicke is clearly ready to start in this league, give the kid a shot. Now they have no choice. The future is now in Washington. After 8 weeks, assuming Heinicke can replicate a performance like he had last night for even HALF of the games he gets to start, there’s no way head coach Ron Rivera can go back to Fitzpatrick. It’s the era of Taylor Heinicke and I think it’s time everyone accepts that.



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